sustainability-internalTogether with the other members of the Seafresh Group, Sea Farms is aware that the rapid development and expansion of aquaculture due to the demand for farmed prawns has resulted in widespread concern for the surrounding eco-systems and welfare of local farming communities.

Sea Farms is also aware that in order to safeguard the future supply of our seafood, we have a responsibility to manage the sustainability of our operations in an attempt to alleviate our negative environmental footprint.

As well as working actively with each of our partner providers in our supply chain to guarantee best practices, full traceability and the quality of the product, we have a commitment to the efficient use of natural resources, the safe and efficient removal of waste by-products, the long term economic and social well being of local communities and through the use of innovative fish meal products we are working to help stop the depletion of our precious global marine resources.

For further information on the Group’s objectives on sustainability and responsibility please click here.