What we do

Driven by a strong commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint, Sea Farms is one of the leading suppliers of premium seafood in the UK and Europe and through its Group processing facilities and strategic partnerships promises to source, process and deliver only the highest quality products to meet the diverse needs of each of our customers.

Global Sourcing

Sea Farms is committed to sourcing seafood in an ethical and responsible manner and our ability to source raw materials from producers around the world ensures a long-term, dependable supply of consistent, great quality seafood.

We have invested in the farming and processing of warm water prawns and developed a network of partners who specialise in and are recognised for their production of other seafoods and have built strong relationships with them to enable us to monitor and guarantee the quality of the products, facilities and processing standards which in turn permits us to deliver optimum quality products.

Whether we source from our own operations or partner producers, whether the product is farmed or wild-captured, we apply the same stringent principle to all of products and actively participate in the supply chain from catch to production and finally to delivery, overseeing every detail to ensure the highest quality.

Our globally positioned farms and processing operations together with our technical and development teams enable us to focus on offering a tailored approach and unique offering to each of our customers meeting their specific needs and requirements with a global diversification strategy sitting behind it.