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Our Environment

We develop aquaculture and fishing methods that conserve fish stocks and biodiversity, and make an efficient use of natural resources.  The sustainability of our aquaculture and fisheries operations is highly dependent upon the health of aquatic ecosystems.

Our aquaculture and processing activities rely heavily on the availability of natural resources, in particular water and energy.


Our goal is that all our source fisheries achieve the Marine Stewardship Council certification.  Where necessary we invest in Fishery Improvement Projects. Read more about our work on squid with Ocean Outcomes and our work with the Spanish Crayfish Fishery.


Our goal is that all our supply chains achieve independent certifications that confirm their responsible management.  We support the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and the Global Aquaculture Alliance in driving improvements in the aquaculture industry. 


Read how Grupo Granjas Marinas (GGM) puts responsible management in practice in Honduras, as well as our work to advance knowledge of welfare in farmed shrimp.


We aim at reducing the impact of aquaculture and fishing practices on sensitive habitats and species.  We are proactive in protecting and enhancing valuable ecosystems where we can.

See how our Vietnamese farmers conserve their mangrove environment, which in turn sustains their livelihoods. 




We aim at increasing the efficiency of water use in our aquaculture and processing facilities.  We also invest in water recycling technology.  We implement effective wastewater treatment methods for preventing impacts on receiving water bodies.


We aim at increasing the efficiency of energy use in our production facilities and increasing the production of renewable energy.

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