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Our People

With global supplies from both owned and third-party operations, we proudly sustain thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly, in many countries.  Our ambition is to create shared value in all production areas.

Human and Labour Rights

Whilst we are proud of our positive economic impact on many livelihoods, in particular in developing countries, we also strive to control ethical risks in our supply chains, and in some cases complex supply chains.  We collaborate with suppliers, customers, governmental and non-governmental organisations, to develop expertise on human and labour rights, address issues and improve working conditions in our supply chains and our industry. Read our Group Human Rights Policy.

Personal Development

In our own operations, beyond compliance with labour laws, we are committed to providing our employees with good working and living conditions, and opportunities of personal development in a spirit of mutual respect.  Read our Gender Pay Gap Report.


We supply integrity.  Which means it’s not just what we do that is important, but how we do it.  Read our Award Winning Guide for Employees.







We also support local communities in their development, in particular in education and health. See how we have been disseminating knowledge on neurobiology in a Belizean school.

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